Xiomi Airdots

Xiomi has launched its new True wireless earphones – ‘Xomi AirDots’. Xiomi has released the earphones at a very attractive price of just $30 that is around 2000 INR.

it is available only in China, for now, it comes with a special charging case has unique touch controls supports Bluetooth 5.0 and have a truly wireless design. The earbuds have a 40mAh battery each and they’re so small and also feel very light in the hand. The charging case comes with a 300 mAh built-in battery. you’ll get around .35 to 4 hrs of battery life and the charging case provides up to 3 times charge. so you’ll get around 12 Hrs of battery life with this earphones.

The charging case also comes in white color and feels super lightweight along with that you get a USB cable for charging, two pairs of extra ear tips and small and large sizes assuming the medium ones come with the AirDots. The quality of their tips are also nice they feel soft and durable. They are super lightweight and weighs only around 4.2 grams.

The Xiomi AirDots is made of high-quality plastic and has a two-tone design. The bottom part has a solid white while the remaining top has a translucent matte finishing and looks very attractive. Even the charging case has the same two-tone design with the top panel being translucent the build quality is really nice and it’s entirely made of plastic.

The special thing about them is the AirDots have a touch-sensitive area at the top and all the functions can be easily controlled using touch gestures and at the bottom side, you got the charging contacts. They attach automatically with the help of magnets and as soon as you place them the air dots start charging you can see a red color LED glowing on them.

The touch function offers you some unique functions. You can just touch the top area on any of the air buds to play pause the music. it’s a really convenient way the same function applies for answering calls and double touching the air buds will activate Google Assistant.

How to pair Xiomi AirDots?

The air dots are smart Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds that automatically power on as soon as you take them out and get ready to be paired with any device so when you take them out they get connected with each other and white LED light keeps blinking on the right ear bird that means they’re powered on and ready to be pair. now take your phone go to the settings and turn on Bluetooth now wait for a minute and search for Mi AirDots in the list just click on it and save it. This is only a one time process, the next time whenever you take them out of the charging case they will automatically connect your phone. (If these doesn’t work – Do This)

  • first place both buds in the case then pick them up and hold the touch-sensitive part of the AirDot still. (both buds show a red light this means they’re off now)
  • again hold that a sensitive part of the bud and keep holding them till you see a red and white LED flash. don’t let it go just yet and keep holding them till you see one more red and white flash the second flash denotes that the buds are now paired with each other.
  • now put the air dots back in the case leave them for a short while and pick them back up again then
  • open Bluetooth pair new devices and if you have followed through correctly you should see only the right bud available to pair you cannot pair them and then test to see if both buds work.
  • once paired managing the AirDots becomes much simpler.
  • now whenever you put both of them into the case and close it will automatically disconnect and when you open the case and pick them up and It will automatically connect your phone (If your Bluetooth is turned ON). 

Audio quality & Comfort

The Mi AirDots are very small and feel really comfortable for long time usage. They’re so lightweight you won’t even feel like there’s something in your ears. The noise isolation levels are good.

The audio quality is really good the 7.2 mm dynamic drivers are doing a great job the mid felt crisp and clear and the vocals are also warm and mellow the high-frequency response is very nice it was producing silky smooth treble and coming to the bass the bass was also good and punchy.


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