Tata Harrier

tata Harrier

The new Harrier is built on a land rover platform and it’s powered by a Fiat engine now this is also the most awaited car this year it created a lot of interest even intrigued when the concept was first shown at the Auto Expo. The harrier is the biggest SUV in its segment and has a ground clearance of 205 mm.

A quick look from the outside

the unconventional headlight cluster design inspired by the Nissan Juke you have DRL’s which double up as turn indicators sitting at the top where the headlights should be. and the headlights themselves a pair of xenon projectors and halogens are housed low down near the fog lamps.

Tata harrier front

around to the side, you’ll find in terms of lighting you get puddle lamps with a Harrier logo. there are lots interesting elements too especially at the rear were the roof tapers to meet a black and c pillar which gives it a floating roof effect and there’s the metallic bit with the harrier name embossed which is a really nice touch.

At the rear, you get cool fused LED elements in the sharp style 3d tail lamps with unique and very sleek jaguar like taillights design. There is no sunroof.

Tata harrier rear

Tata Harrier interior

it does feel like is a more upmarket experience and whether it’s by the materials they’ve used your top this is a soft touch plastic it really does feel premium and you look at that wood grain that they’ve used it looks like textured wood. you’ve got the fully automatic air conditioning system on this top end XZ variant.

tata harrier inside

you’ve got the 8-inch Center infotainment display which is in landscape mode it’s still wide and
easy to use but it doesn’t eat into your view out of the cabin when you’re driving and along with that you’ve also
got a 7-inch display here for the driver and these to kind of talk together so if you’re using Android auto that’s the
only thing on offer right now with the infotainment system apple car play will be on offer later.

tata harrier screen

navigation instructions also pop up on the 7-inch display over here so that you don’t have to look away when you’re driving the same thing works with the music you’re playing so it’s just that much easier that much safer

what we would like about the screen to be a little bit more responsive and a little bit more contrasty or sharper because in bright sunlight it picks up reflections and glare.

now the second screen is more interesting it makes up about two-thirds of the instrument cluster and combines a digital tacho with a large fuel gauge and a trip computer it will also show you which drive mode you’re in and even displays media and navigation info in a small box at the top overall it’s quite an impressive system for an SUV in this class.

The back seat is just so impressive There is ample amount of knee room on offer with a great amount of headroom
practicality hasn’t taken a backseat. The seat design looks flat, it is because of that makes it that much more comfortable for the middle passenger. on the doors, there are slots for a 1-liter water bottle some other knickknacks and there’s a special tray that’s been designed for you to keep your cell phone.


-You get the unique style handbrake –though the aircraft throttle style handbrake may look cool it’s a bit fiddly to operate the mirrors also are a touch too big and high and creates a bit of a blind spot the electrical boot
released under the T logo is nice but there’s no proper grip to lift the tail.

Once you open the boot you can see it can pack in a lot of luggage more than his capacity would suggest because it’s very well shaped now that capacity of 425 liters expands to 810 liters with the 60/40 split seats fold it down and since the spare is located under the body there’s a bit more storage under the boot floor but the loading lip is a bit high.

tata harrier boot

Tata Harrier XZ Features

  • 8.8-inch touchscreen
  • Semi-digital instrument cluster
  • Android Auto & Apple Carplay*
  •  9-speaker JBL audio system
  • Single-zone auto climate control
  • LED Daytime running lights
  • Xenon projector headlamps
  • Cruise control
  • Automatic headlamps
  • Automatic wipers
  • On-and Off-road driving modes
  • Leather upholstery
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Rear-view camera

there are some vital features missing that rivals do offer, you don’t get a power driver seat or height adjustable front seat belts and most of all a sunroof is also missing but the Harrier gets a big thumbs up for safety because there’s a wide array of safety features.

Tata Harrier XZ Safety Features

  • 6 airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Traction Control (TCS)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Hill Hold
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Rollover Mitigation
  • Brake Disc Wiping
  • Brake Pre-fill
  • Corner Stability Control
  • Off-road ABS

The base variant which is the XE variant that starts of with dual airbags and ABS as standard.

The cabin also offers loads of practicality with a large glove box big cupholders at the front and two in the rear armrest a cool storage bin between the front seats and big bottle holders in all the doors.

Harrier Engine

the Harrier gonna get just one engine and one transmission option at launch there’s no petrol and there’s no automatic for now the auto gonna come later.

tata harrier gearbox

we have is a 2-liter 4 cylinder turbocharged diesel (kryotec) mated to a  6-speed gearbox now it’s the same engine transmission combo you get in the Jeep Compass it’s just that this engine is in a slightly lower state of Tuning about 140 horsepower and 350 -Nm of torque.

Responsiveness also a little better it’s just that the refinement could have been better in this engine it gets a bit noisy there’s a bit of engine noise at around 3,000 rpm and there’s even a little bit of transmission noise so that’s one area that I could have it through but overall this car is pretty effortless to drive.

tata harrier drive modes

Tata Harrier also gets three driving modes – Eco, City, Sport. Tata is also offering two additional drive modes, especially for tricky conditions one is wet roads and the other is a rough road. now basically these modes adjust the throttle map the engine map and the ESP intervention to give the Harrier a greater sense of composure when tackling this kind of roads.

The Harrier uses disc brakes and the front end drums and the rear and if you are somebody who spends a lot of time on the highway likes to cruise and is into that kind of thing you also have cruise control on offer.

The Harrier doesn’t get electric power steering or EPS but gets the old-school hydraulic steering it feels a little heavy at parking speeds but that heft translates into great confidence on the highway. It got 17-inch 5 spoke alloy wheels and the suspension of this car is really very great.

Tata Harrier Price

The price is expected to be ₹ 16 Lakh to 20 Lakh


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