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Samsung Foldable phone

Samsung Finally unveiled the Galaxy Fold dual screen, Phone-Tablet That looks pretty nice when opened and lesser when it closed. We first had a prototype back in November but the final version is much sleeker while still packing in some impressive stuff.

It particularly features a 4.6-inch AMOLED screen on the outside followed the primary 7. 3-inch infinity flex AMOLED screen. In terms of resolution, the smaller screen comes in an 840 x 1960 and the main foldable screen is 1536 x 2152. Both feature the same 420 DPI density. The Galaxy Fold also have a 7nm, 64-bit Octa-core Procesor, 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. It is backed with a 4380m-Ah battery which is split across both sides for the sake of weight distribution. It supports wireless charging and like the Galaxy S10, it also has wireless power share. Price :- $1,980

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung galaxy watch active

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is a cheaper model essentially of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It doesn’t have that rotating bezel so it definitely is going to be a little lower end. however, it does look pretty nice. this is about the same price point as something like a Fitbit Versa its around $200 but it features things like NFC so you can make payments. It has a hear trate monitor which is actually pretty cool.

what is interesting about this watch though is that it has wireless charging capabilities so you can either place it on your Samsung wireless charging pad that also charges your phone or if you have a new Galaxy S10 or the S10+ they have reversed wireless charging capabilities so if your watch is running low in energy instead of just letting it die and not being able to use your watch at all you – can turn down your phone turn on that reverse wireless charging and put your watch right on the phone.

It is running Tizen based wearable OS 4.0 which means the app ecosystem is a little bit limited. It Sports a 1.1-inch circular Super AMOLED (360 x 360) Full Color Always On Display. and has a 230mAh battery which is pretty decent. sensors include – Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyro Sensor, HR Sensor, and Light Sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds seem to be designed to be kind of an answer to the AirPods, so they’re cheaper than the AirPods by about $30, and they also come with wireless charging capabilities, something that Apple’s headphones do not have yet. It’s pretty bulkywith the battery and all of that other stuff inside. They are pretty comfortable. They sound pretty decent- it has USB-C for charging the case, the case is going to give you seven hours of additional battery life. As for the Galaxy Buds themselves, they get six hours of battery life when you’re streaming music or you’ll get around 5 hrs when you’re talking on the phone.

Now, the Galaxy Buds don’t have noise canceling or anything that you might find in a fancier pair of headphones, but they do have a dual-mic system. Essentially, when you’re trying to talk on the phone, it’ll move to a different mic so they can pick you up only your voice and not pick up all the ambient noise around you. That’s super critical for wireless earbuds.

In terms of color options, you do get three different options. You have white, you have black, and then you have like a canary yellow color. the Galaxy Buds launched on March 6th for $129.99.They launch in Europe later this month, on March 29th, for €149. But if you preorder the S10 or the S10 Plus, they’ll come bundled with it. So in terms of pairing, Samsung has a neat littleAirPods-like animation for when you’re using a Galaxy device

Samung Galaxy Fold, Galaxy watch Active, Galaxy buds
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Samung Galaxy Fold, Galaxy watch Active, Galaxy buds
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