Razer Nari wireless headphones with hypersense technology

Razer has launched a new line of headphones the nari headphones t doesn’t have a user adjustable headband it just automatically adjusts your head depending on the size okay so it’s Wireless it has a dongle it has RGB lighting but the main feature of the nari ultimate is the haptic feedback now Razer is calling it hyper sense and the difference between this kind of haptic feedback compared to the older stuff is that supposedly it activates on a wider spectrum of frequencies you don’t have to program anything it just automatically detects the sound going through the drivers and it’ll activate the haptic response and this will work wirelessly or through the analog cable that’s connected with the 3.5 millimeter jack so this is a product that should theoretically work with any kind of device out there.

the ear cups are plastic and the ear cushions are really comfortable there’s foam on the inside gel padded to keep things cooler and it looks like there’s a cut out for people who are glasses so if you have any kind of eyewear the arm of your frame will kind of sit through that slot to make things a little bit more comfortable.


Sound—the great driver of immersion in gaming. From the hurried footsteps of an oncoming ambush, to the deafening explosions on a frantic battlefield, every sound detail creates a level of realism that turns modern gaming into a truly lifelike experience. With the Razer Nari Ultimate, we’re breaking the walls by introducing a technology that doesn’t just let you experience superior sound, but also actually feel it in battle.

Razer HyperSense – featuring haptic technology that creates touch-sensory feedback for lifelike sensations based on audio cues from the game. Now you can sense planes roaring overhead or recoil from the bursts of gunfire, creating a whole new layer of immersion for the ultimate gaming experience.-

The battery life so these are rated for eight hours which is okay but the thin is if you play a lot of games where you watch stuff a lot and you use the haptics frequently that’s the eight hours is for if you’re using RGB lighting with the haptic feedback will get around a little bit over eight hours

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