Range Rover Evoque


Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced the newest version of the Range Rover Evoque  compact SUV at a gala evening in London. 

Land Rover said:’ The new Range Rover Evoque is the first in the world to feature Ground View technology, which effectively makes the bonnet invisible by projecting camera imagery onto the upper touchscreen to show the driver a 180-degree view under the front of the vehicle.

‘This is useful when negotiating difficult parking spaces, navigating high city centre kerbs or tackling rough terrain.’-

The 2020 Evoque is more than just a pretty face as Land Rover has crammed a lot of technology into its posh crossover. With a simple flip of a switch located on the underside of the mirror, a camera feed from the vehicle’s top shows what’s behind, providing a 50-degree field of view and improved visibility in low-light conditions.

Land Rover says the new Evoque is also the first of the company’s cars to use “artificial intelligence algorithms to learn the driver’s preferences” and then automate “comfort and media settings”.

The new Evoque is also JLR’s first mild hybrid car, meaning there’s a small 48-volt battery connected to the powertrain that gives a 50-horsepower boost to the four-cylinder engine and only gets recharged by the motion of driving. (The company has offered a number of plug-in hybrids.) The battery captures energy as the car brakes, and then redeploys it as the car accelerates, which helps make driving more efficient in stop-and-start situations.

The mild hybrid powertrain (MHEV) is a first for the automaker and relies on an engine-mounted belt-integrated starter generator to generate and store energy in an under-floor battery. When speed is lower than 17km/h (11mph), the engine shuts off when brakes are applied. When the driver pulls away above the 17kmph stored energy is redeployed to boost the engine under acceleration and thus reduces fuel consumption. The mild hybrid ensures a quiet and refined drive in city traffic and signals where one needs to decelerate more often.

New Evoque is available with 3 and 4 cylinder Ingenium petrol and diesel engines, Hybrid-electric power, 48-volt MHEV and a yet to be introduced, 3-cylinder PHEV. The PHEV 3-cylinder Ingenium petrol engine will return 200PS and will get an 11.3kWh battery under the rear seat, and a rear 80kW motor that returns 108PS.

The 2020 Evoque’s interior also features an InControl Touch Pro Duo infotainment system, the InControl remote mobile app, 16-point adjustable seats, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, and an optional 4G hotspot (which also allows for wireless, OTA software updates).

Since it is a Land Rover SUV – like the velar the Evoque too offers all-terrain capabilities in all weathers –  The -all-wheel drive, active driveline with driveline disconnect and adaptive dynamics to deliver the optimum balance of comfort and agility. Adopted from the Range Rover, “Terrain Response 2” automatically detects the surface being driven on and adjusts the set-up accordingly, so the Evoque can now wade through waters 600mm deep.  it has a longer wheelbase so rear room is better. The boot’s bigger; fuel and urea tanks 20 per cent larger; and the wheelarches can accommodate 21 inchers.

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