OnePlus 6T

OnePlus has launched Its new smartphone the Oneplus 6T. The first and probably the most obvious thing about this phone is the in screen fingerprint reader and OnePlus says it’s the fastest in the industry they’re claiming that it can unlock your phone in 0.34 seconds.

The back of the phone and it looks really similar to the OnePlus 6 the first thing you’ll notice is that that fingerprint reader is gone obviously because they want people to use the in screen fingerprint reader but the back of the phone pretty much looks exactly the same.

It is just a little bit thicker than the 1 plus 6 they’ve also added a little bit of a curve at sides which they say is to make it fit better in your hand but they did increase the battery life by 400 mAh. and surprisingly we get 5 hours more than the previous phone.

The cameras are pretty much in the same position as they were last year and they’re pretty much the same cameras as they were last year too. The biggest changes here are probably the software side of the camera app there’s a new nightscape mode which is kind of like nightsight on the pixel. it does a long Expo to kind of brighten up the image in dark areas and you’ve got a new portrait lighting mode which is pretty similar to the one on the IPhone X

you’re still getting that snapdragon 845, you’re still getting 6 to 8 gigabytes of ram and this time you’ve got 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage now you’ll notice that they got rid of the 64-gigabyte -option and they have up the price of the base model by $20 but you are getting twice as much storage.

now probably the biggest deal about this phone is that it coming to t-mobile and it’s fully compatible with Verizon now if you want to buy this phone today October 29th you’ll be able to go to the t-mobile pop up in Times Square if you’re in New York City but otherwise you can pick this up from t-mobile stores nationwide or on
OnePlus website on November 1st.

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