Due to the publishing deal with 2K, NBA 2K PLAYGROUND 2 release date was postpones, the game was supposed to arrive in MAY for PLAYSTATION,NINTENDO SWITCH,XBOX AND PC


As seen in the game 2K makes its apperanace, the delay is due the the publishing deal between saber interactive and 2K, CEO of saber Matthew Karch is Topsy positive with the deal, in an interview with GAMESPOT he said “The most fundamental change is that it’s just been improved in every aspect and every facet,” and he is positive that the game will fulfill all the things that their earlier game lacked


sabre interactive now has 2K license due to the partnership for this game which includes music tracks and former NBA players which would appear in game before,It’s also put the team in close contact with Visual Concepts, the 2K studio currently developing NBA 2K19. This has given Saber the opportunity to receive critical feedback while developing Playgrounds 2


So what differentiates it from its prequel?, NBA 2K playground 2 has better animations and improved features like dribbling and rebounding, new courts and players and signature moves that makes the name for NBA players and it also it might have a 4 player multiplayer online mode with dedicated servers which has been improved drastically as the players faced constant lags and d-syncs in the previous multiplayer matches


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