Improved EVERYTHING,Dynamic whether,Immersive MMO RPG mode,and upto freaking 1000 players in a sigle Match



Since the launch of Playerunknowns Battle Grounds many Battle Royale games have been launched Mavericks Proving Grounds in particular is different, Of course it is a Battle Royale game but theres more to it.

The developers of this Battle Royal  game are working on making this game a BR as well as a MMO RPG game,as they like to call this game a “MMO Tactical Shooter game



Every other game developer is thinking of making a Battle Royal game as That’s the new Big thing but ‘Automaton’ the developers of Mavericks Proving Grounds did something to set their Battle Royal as a Unique Masterpiece

Like other Battle Royale games Mavericks:proving Grounds has 3 Gaming modes i.e SOLO,DUO,SQUAD but unlike the squad in other Battle Royale games the Squads in Mavericks :Proving Grounds has 5 slots, so u can play with a team of 5 people.


Also the Matchmaking is out of 1000 players,unlike all the other Battle Royale games whis has 100 players battling with each other to be the Last man standing. Automaton are using a new kind of technology by which they can split the server load on multiple servers to deliver a smooth gaming experience and that s how they have achieved 1000 PvP Battle Royale mode

Mavericks Proving grounds is like a combination of Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG as the game has a highly destructible environment and the gunfights are more lifelike, this game has a true potential to beat out the other Battle Royal competitors and become the Undisputed Battle Royale game



Mavericks Proving Grounds is going to be one Hell of a game as there will always be players to fight with,well if u are good at the game then ull find this awesome or else…..u get the idea XD



The Map:-Islr Of Dern in Mavericks Proving Ground are of 16×16 size which are double the size of the maps of PUBG that will give u an idea about the size

Now in such a big map if someone shoots you and then runs away,how will you track him? well the devs have thought about that too, You see the footprints of the person and track the player i.e u can turn the voice chat and be like “U CAN RUN,BUT U CANT HIDE!”

Not only the footprints,Lets say if someone was prone in the grass and then left the place,the grass in that area becomes flattened so basically the game leaves trails and clues about where the players could be

The map will indeed give you a real life feeling unlike all the other Battle Royal games, this map contains everything Highlands,Uplands,Costs,Isles and what not!! I bet the first 200-300 hours of your game play would be admiring the beauty and the dynamic whether of this game

Moving on to the MMO mode in the game


Like all the other MMO games u can select the character among the 4 Factions available and ofcourse each of the factions has their own Advantages and Ideologies that differ them from each other




So all the MMO stuff in Mavericks Proving Grounds like social features,trading and stuff will take place in the Capital


All the things about this game reminds me about the movie “Ready Player One”…I know it sounds stupid but just think about it

So in the MMo mode u have Objectives which on completion reward you with wealth, the in game Wealth to help you trade items, Maybe buy skins and other cosmetics

In Maverick Proving Grounds unlike other Battle Royal games you don’t have to wait for the matchmaking in the Game menu, You will load in the Capital and spawn there and from there you will be able to make Lobby with others and play together as a team which means more communication amongst the team and a much more fun and competitive experience




Now on the basis of all that this game offers, you people will be wondering how much will be the Price of Mavericks Proving Grounds ,well good for u, the game is a ‘free to play’, you dont have to spend a penny to play this game

Of course you will be limited to some things, because the game has to generate some money for its future development, their monetization method is called the Citizenship, what this Citizenship gives you is that it removes all the restriction to all the items in the game and gives you excess to all the Citizen exclusive content





So the game has its founders Beta release/open beta access scheduled in end of August, followed by the Expanded Beta in October and Finally the Game will be released in DECEMBER






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