LG W7 watch with hybrid wearOS and analog hands

In addition to launching its LG V40 ThinQ smartphone, LG also announced Its new hybrid smartwatch “W7”. The wearable is a hybrid between a Wear OS smartwatch and a mechanical- watch.

in addition to having a 1.2-inch touchscreen LCD, it also has a pair of mechanical hands that will tell the time even after your smartwatches battery dies. It has a stainless steel body and it looks very nice. The W7 watch supports IP68 dust and water resistance rating,

LG Is still stuck with the outdated processor. The watch is powered by Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset. We were hoping that being a smartwatch launched in 2018 it might have the latest Snapdragon Wear 3100 that includes a coprocessor to extend battery and standby time. Going with the latter might’ve eked out some more battery life,
Like all other smartwatches.

Battery life

The W7 watch has a 240-mAh battery that will last for around two days on a single charge and then an additional three-four days when used in the analog-only mode. If used as a traditional watch with absolutely no smart features enabled, it can run for 100 days.


The W7 also doesn’t have heart rate monitoring or any sort of standalone LTE functionality, but beyond all the typical wear OS stuff beyond Google assistant and notifications and fitness tracking this does also pack what LG refers to as master tools these are apps specifically meant for the watch w7 that use these mechanical hands in really interesting ways and the compass, stopwatch works surprisingly well. the two physical hands come together and work as a north pole arrow and it does look pretty amazing.

The watch hands block the content on the digital screen?

kinda, but LG has a solution for this. The top button on the right side of the watch will level the watch hands to the 9 and 3 o’clock points and will push content up so you can read it without anything blocking the screen. But the button needs to be press constantly to read the smartwatch which is sometimes really annoying.

Price & availability

The watch looks and feels pretty nice, but $450 is asking a lot for not a ton of features. and it will be available from 14 October.

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