Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, Best COD ever?

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is a continuation of the subseries and successor Black Ops, BO4 is offering a brand new storyline and continuing the previous games stories, with its world mixed with zombies from the previous series and the new ones the game has a lot of content to offer

Black Ops 4 unlike all the other Black of series doesn’t have a  Single-Player campaign what it has is a training mode with story cutscenes based on the characters from multiplayer. Zombies , Multiplayer and Blackout are the 3 modes that the game will offer out of which the most intriguing is the Blackout Battle Royale mode, Blackout is a big step forward for Call of Duty


Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is taking a totally different approach at multiplayer matchmaking, now players have to be more tactical about their actions.The wall-running and thrust-jumping of Black Ops 3 is gone. Healing is now manual, too, and on a cooldown timer, adding another layer of consideration as you approach a firefight. Matches overall have a slightly slower, more cautious pace, but time-to-kill is still low and respawning still near-instant. Maps follow the familiar three-lane structure and are longer and narrower than those in Black Ops 3, with a mix of open areas and tighter spaces that provide opportunities for both long-range and close-quarters firefights.

Black Ops Specialists also came with some changes, there are 10 total at launch, some new and some imported from the previous game. Each still has a unique weapon and ability, but instead of choosing one or the other, you now go into a match with both. The weapon is tied to a longer cooldown and functions as a superpowered attack, while the ability is a piece of equipment, like a grenade or a trap, with a more strategic purpose.

Two more game types are now available, Heist and Control.

Heist has you competing against another team to grab a bag of money and extract it, and each player has only one life, so you have to now wipe out a whole team alone.

Control, on the other hand, is an objective-based mode that is far better suited to and actively encourages you to use Specialist tactics. Each team, one attacking and one defending, shares 25 lives; you win by either exhausting all of the enemy team’s lives or maintaining control of the two objectives


Black Ops 4’s Zombies has two separate storylines across three maps–four if you have the Black Ops pass included in the game’s special editions. The first two, IX and Voyage of Despair, are part of the brand-new Chaos story; the third, Blood of the Dead, and the optional Classified make up the returning Aether story. It’s a lot to take in at once. I’m most intrigued by Voyage of Despair, though–partially because of its Titanic setting, but also because its small spaces pose a greater challenge than IX’s more open arenas.


This is the Battle Royale mode that brand new for the Black ops series and is the most intriguing aspect of Black Ops 4.  Its concept is similar to all the other Battle Royale games and Blackout undoubtedly captures the intense, shaky excitement that makes battle royale so popular, with Call of Duty’s tight shooting and movement mechanics as a strong foundation. Areas with zombies add a PvE element that helps distinguish Blackout from the likes of PUBG, too, offering powerful loot at the risk of dying from an undead mob or attracting human players to your position. Perks and specialist equipment are present as items that can be looted during a match, providing another small but distinct Call of Duty twist

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