Audi e-tron | Audi’s first all-electric SUV

Audi’s new SUV is fully electric and it has a high chance of coming to the Indian market. the e-tron comes built on a modified version of the VW group’s MLB Evo platform there’s a 95 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack under the passenger compartment floor that supplies power to two electric motors one up front and one at the rear combined power is 265 kilowatt or about 360 horsepower but a boost mode that can be used for eight seconds at a time takes the figure up to 300 kilowatts or 408 horsepower.

Audi claims a standard 0 to 200 kph time of 6.4 seconds or 5.7 seconds in boost mode and has a top speed of 200 kph. Audi has also made a bold claim for the e-tron charging capabilities claiming a 30-minute charging time to 80% via a 150 kilowatt DC fast charger. A 240 volt  AC home wall socket will juice the battery up to 80% in eight hours or so. the e-tron has been tested with a range of 400 kilometers. which is an impressive range.

it’s the high range that has got Audi thinking seriously about the e-tron for India where EV charging infrastructure is virtually non-existent. Audi is looking at bundling charging hardware with the e-tron in India rather than setting up a network of chargers though the exact solution is yet to be finalized on.

the grille get used to that silver finish grille because that will be a staple trademark of Audis electric models it is functional and there are louvers behind that as well that open and close depending on the cooling requirements. typical Audi sharply cut headlights and wheel sizes range from 19 inches to 21 inches but if there’s one detail that really makes the e-tron stand out it has got to be the wing mirrors the wing mirrors incorporate cameras. The mirrors not only look cool but Audi says it tremendously helps Aero efficiency as well the image from the cameras can be seen on displays on the doors.

there’s a large touchscreen for your navigation and other functions on top and there is the separate climate control screen lower down the general impression is that you’re sitting in something high something heavy and you’re combining something very luxurious. in size the e-tron slots right between the q5 and the q7 however the e-tron is a strict five seater.  the Audi e-tron also has a large boot with the electric motor tucked low down there is space under the boot floor. so there is dedicated space for a spare tire.

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