Ather 450 | best electric scooter ?

Electric scooters have a pretty bad reputation, when you think electric you think slow, boring and think that it can’t go too far on a single charge. but the Ather 450 is here to shut your thoughts towards the electric scooters.

Ather has announced that they gonna launch the 340 but we have both here the 340 and 450. The 450 offers more range, great performance, and some cutting-edge features.

The Ather S450 has a top speed of 80Kmph and that’s real GPS speed not on the speedometer. its gets from 0 to 40 Km in just 3.9 secs. The Ather has a frame mounted brushless motor which offers a stronger level of performance and it is IP66 rated. This motor produces 20.5 nm of torque right from 0 RPM. Its connected to the rear wheel through a belt and a two-stage reduction. It has disc brakes both front(200mm disc) and rear(190mm disc) wheels with a mono-shock at the rear and the telescopic suspension at the front to improve the ride quality.

The 450 packs with 2.4 KWh/51.1V Li-ion battery pack located in the floor of the scooter which is encased in an IP67 rated aluminium housing which protects it from 1m water for half an hour. The battery pack gives around 60kms on a normal mode and about 75kms on eco mode. Using one of the DC fast chargers installed at any of the public charging points as part of the Ather grid, you can charge the scooter about 80% battery in just 1 hour. and if you are charging it at your home you can charge the scooter about 80% in 2 hours 40 mins and to full charge takes about 4 hours and 20 mins.

The weight of the scooter is only 118 kg. The battery weighs about 19 kg and the motor weighs around 6.5 kg. The wheelbase is 1278mm with a ground clearance of160mm. The center of gravity of the scooter is very low because of battery and motor are placed low, which is actually good it feels plenty stable.

The Ather 450 gets the largest under seat storage of 26Litres. the boot also has rubber lined holes on either sides for mobile phone ad such and there’s also a smart rubber strap to carry the emergency charging cables and it also got the beautiful LED boot light.

Its got the 7inch full colour touchscreen for the dashboard with a built-in data connection and google maps. The map also shows all the nearby Ather chargers on the Ather grid. You also get an app on your smartphone that can show you all scooter stats it let you how much battery you have left and even push navigation to the scooter.

The Ather has a clever forward and reverse park assistant function that works up to a speed of 2km on reverse mode and 5km on forward.

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