Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Bugs and Known Issues

SCHEDULED TO BE FIXED   Physics on PC are locked to 30FPS /Cutscenes Description: Physics are locked to 30FPS during cutscenes. Status: Will be addressed with a Future TU “Prince of Persia” cannot be completed/Blind King Description: Players cannot complete the “Prince of Persia” quest (Blind King) when they looted the treasure in Salamis before getting the objective. Status: Will be addressed with an upcoming title update Mercenaries stop chasing the player Description: Players reporting that after a certain amount of time, mercenaries may stop chasing the player. Status: Will…

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Xiomi Black Shark Helo with 10GB RAM


Xiaomi Black Shark Helo, the successor to the original Black Shark smartphone, has been launched in China. The gaming-oriented phone comes with 10GB RAM and larger OLED display. Packaging The packaging of this phone comes with some documentation together with a beautiful Xiaomi Black Shark 2  Helo apart from that you will find a USB type-c cable along with the dongle to connect the headphones. The phone comes with a fast charger and it also includes a gamepad for an immersive gaming experience. There is also a sporty looking case…

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